Bringing Your Vision to Life: Customization Options for Architectural Aluminium


Reckon you’re designing the next iconic Melbourne landmark? Every building tells a story, and the right doors and windows are like the opening lines of a captivating yarn. They set the scene while allowing light and fresh air to flow in. But standard aluminium doors and windows can sometimes seem a bit dull, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, exactly this is why we, at Imperial Aluminium, focus on customisation. We understand the unique design needs of Australian architects and designers. In this blog, you will learn the many ways to customise aluminum doors and windows. From finishes and colors to shapes and integrated features, the possibilities are endless. Let’s read on!

Stand Out with Premium Aluminium Finishes 

When there is no additional treatment applied, aluminium doors and windows have a silvery, metallic appearance. But if you want to make your architectural design visually more appealing, you must choose the right finish.

The finish you choose won’t just determine the aesthetics but also the performance of your custom doors and windows. We offer a wide range of aluminium finishes to meet your design needs:

  • Powder Coating: It provides a durable, high-quality finish in a vast array of colours. If you want to achieve a modern and professional look for your office building, you should opt for powder coating.
  • Anodizing: If you want to create a natural-looking and corrosion-resistant finish that enhances the inherent beauty of aluminium, you must opt for the anodizing process. It will give your residential projects and heritage restoration projects the desired timeless look.

Endless Color Possibilities

Color plays a crucial role in defining the character of a space. Having said that, we offer a wide range of color options to choose from:

  • Bold and Vibrant: Capture the essence of Melbourne’s dynamic spirit with bold blues that echo the city’s iconic sky.
  • Earthy and Natural: Seeking to create a sense of harmony with the surrounding environment? Our range of earthy tones allows your building to seamlessly blend with natural landscapes.
  • Custom Colour Matching: Have a specific colour vision in mind? We can even custom-match colours to ensure your architectural design achieves a truly cohesive look.

In a recent residential project, a homeowner chose a deep forest green for their aluminium window frames, perfectly complementing the natural surroundings. Another project used a soft pastel blue for the doors, adding a touch of charm to a modern home.

These examples highlight how the right colour choice can improve a building’s appearance and blend well with its environment.

Think Beyond Standard Shapes and Sizes

Don’t let pre-defined shapes limit your creativity, as one of the key advantages of using aluminium in architectural design is the ability to create custom shapes and sizes. This flexibility allows you to push the boundaries of traditional window and door design, creating unique and eye-catching features that enhance the overall aesthetic of your project.

We offer the ability to create custom shapes for your doors and windows, allowing you to achieve a truly bespoke design:

  • Curved Elegance: Incorporate a touch of softness and personality with curved corners for your windows, adding a unique touch to cafes or residential spaces.
  • Modern Edge with Geometric Shapes: Embrace a bold and contemporary aesthetic by opting for geometric shapes in your doors and windows. This approach is perfect for office buildings or art galleries seeking a distinctive look.

Integrated Features: Where Functionality Meets Style

While aesthetics are important, your doors and windows also need to be practical. At Imperial Aluminium, we incorporate features that enhance functionality without compromising on style:

  • Double Glazed Doors and Windows: Our double glazing technology provides superior insulation, keeping your interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s ideal for buildings seeking optimal energy efficiency and minimal noise pollution. These double glazed doors and windows feature two panes of glass with a tightly sealed space in between, which also levels up security by making it harder for intruders to break through the glass.
  • Better Security and Sound Insulation: Maintaining a peaceful and secure indoor environment is essential. Our aluminium doors and windows, combined with modern thermal break technology, ensure excellent sound insulation, reducing outside noise when you work or rest. Additionally, aluminium’s strength and durability, paired with quality glazing and hardware, offer robust protection against break-ins. Our products come equipped with advanced security features, such as burglar-proof systems, ensuring peace of mind and a safe living environment.
  • Sustainability: In today’s world, being environmentally conscious is key. Aluminium stands out as a sustainable choice, being 100% recyclable and retaining its quality through numerous recycling processes. Unlike PVC, which degrades over time, aluminium remains robust and high-performing, even after multiple recycling cycles. This not only maintains its performance but also reduces costs over time. Plus, aluminium is eco-friendly, not releasing any harmful substances and having a minimal environmental impact during production. It’s truly a green material, ideal for eco-conscious projects.

By combining these customization options, you can create architectural masterpieces in Melbourne that are both stunning and functional. 


In today’s Melbourne, where architectural brilliance takes center stage, Imperial Aluminium’s custom aluminium doors and windows allow you to push the boundaries of design. Our extensive customization options allow you to create doors and windows that are not just functional, but true works of art.

Ready to explore the design possibilities for your next project? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect balance of style and functionality for your next project.

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